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Invitation for Scouting Bloggers

Invitation for Scouting Bloggers

10 Favorite Scouting BlogsYou Should Follow

You may not know it, but there are other blogs about Scouting and Cub Scout resources besides the Cub Hub. It’s true! Actually, in all seriousness, when it comes to blogs on Scouting, there are some fantastic ones out there that are full of resources, discussion, ideas and information all about Scouting. Since we here at the Cub Hub spend a lot of time totally immersed in everything Cub Scouts, we’re reading these blogs every day. Some of the blogs we love are connected with Boys’ Life magazine, and some are connected with Scouting magazine. Of course it stands to reason our two favorite magazines would also have some of our favorite blogs on all things Scouting! Other blogs we’ve selected are from official BSA sites and channels, and still others are totally volunteer blogs from folks like you who are passionate about Cub Scouts and use your talents to enhance the Scouting experience. Many of you, our readers and members of our “Digital Pack,” are full of fantastic Scouting ideas and inspiring Cub Scout fire! We read your blogs and love hearing about your experiences with Scouting. As we continue to Build an Adventure, check out 10 of our favorite Scouting-themed blogs below.

1. Bryan on Scouting

Bryan on Scouting

What can we say, this blog is the penultimate resource for all the newest information for Scouters in the Scouting world. From Tuesday Talkbacks to BSA policy updates, and a lot of fun features in between, Bryan on Scouting is a top-shelf resource, updated daily. As its subtitle says, it’s a “Blog for the BSA’s Adult Leaders,” and it’s also the official blog of Scouting Magazine, every Scouter’s favorite publication! If you don’t read Bryan on Scouting, you’re probably missing out on a lot of great information. They regularly feature Cub Scouting articles as well, so it’s worth reading for leaders of Scouts of all ages.

2. Cub Scout Ideas

When it comes to practical tips from a Scout Mom who’s been there and done it, Cub Scout Ideas is at the top of our list. Blog founder, Sherry and her husband are both Scout leaders. Of her blog, Sherry says, “My goal here at Cub Scout Ideas is to save you tons of time by giving you fun, inexpensive, easy and creative ideas you can use immediately… so you can spend less time on the work and get to focus on the FUN with your Scouts!” We couldn’t agree more, Sherry!

3. Brite Idea Scouting

Brite Idea Scouting 2 
This clean and crisp, beautifully designed blog is a new addition to the Scouting digital universe. But what it lacks in longevity it makes up for in ambition. It’s a blog, it’s a podcast, and it has a simple mission from Scouter and blog owner, Douglas Boyce: “With this blog, I want to help as many Scouts and Scouters learn the best practices I and others have learned.” It’s chalk full of Scouting news, resources and ideas, including some clever tips on recruiting and promoting your Scouting unit.

4. Book Zone (from Boys’ Life)

Book Zone 
 Like Heads Up, this Boys’ Life blog is all about promoting the skill and enjoyment of reading for youth. Literacy is an important element that Scouting promotes, and what better way than to target a Scouting blog to young Scouts that’s all about great reads and captivating tales they can sink their imaginations into? Book Zone is the literary hot list for your Cub Scout or Boy Scout.

5. Scouter Mom


When it comes to insights on social situations that can occur within your Den or Pack, Scouter Mom has great advice. Whether it’s resolving concerns with special health requirements, social anxiety, Cub Scouts that aren’t sure they want to cross over, or whatever the question, she listens to the concerns of Scouters from all over, and responds on her blog in practical, meaningful ways. In a way, Scouter Mom is really kind of everybody’s mom when it comes to that passionate advocacy and protective charm that comes from being a Scout Mom!

6. Chief’s Corner

chief's corner 
There’s no corner like the Chief’s Corner, where the Chief Scout Executive weighs in on issues of the day as well as messages from the heart. Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, the Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock, encourages Scouts and Scouters with thoughts that are core to the Scouting experience. It’s a great blog to check up on every couple of weeks and share with your Den or Pack as well as the parents of the Cub Scouts in your unit. The blog has moved to a new location on Scouting Wire, but in essence it’s the same Chief’s Corner we know and love.

7. Scouting Newsroom Blog

The official Newsroom for the Boy Scouts of America has a blog that is constantly updated with all the latest news from the BSA and from Scouts all across the nation. It’s a great blog to keep in your bookmarks tab and return to often. The Newsroom isn’t only a resource for journalists, but for everyone involved in Scouting. If you want to feel connected to the organization in a way that is fun and informative, check out the Scouting Newsroom Blog.

8: Scouting Wire 

Scouting Wire is the hottest new Scouting website around and it’s geared toward volunteers and employees to offer news and resources in an easy, centralized location. This is essential for Cub Scout leaders because many of the new program updates and changes will be explained and announced on Scouting Wire. If you choose the Volunteer portal, and click on the Cub Scouts category, you’ll discover winning articles and the latest news for all things Cub Scouts. You’ll definitely want to tune in to Scouting Wire no matter what, but especially in our lead up to June 1 and the new Cub Scouts program launch.

9. The Cub Hub

OK, we couldn’t leave a whole list of blogs here without a little shameless self promotion! The Cub Hub at is your blog for all things Cub Scouts! We dive into the specifics of the Cub Scout experience and have a lot of fun doing it. Featuring everything from our favorite Pinewood Derby cars and Scout Cakes, to posting clever ideas on Blue and Gold and Den Meeting Activities, the Cub Hub is a place that draws from your insights and experiences in Scouting, and packages up information and news in entertaining and useful ways. That’s our aim, and our pleasure!

9. Who is the Next?

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