Friday, October 25, 2013

Teams in the Global Torch Race

You can click on the pins on the world map to see the current location of the Global Torch Race teams

Something new is happening this year…

This year, Scouts can participate in a Global Torch Race during JOTA-JOTI. The Global Torch Race is about creating the fastest-growing gathering of Scouts globally.

In the Global Torch Race, there are about 100 teams that compete to win the Race. Each team has a team leader, who has given his/her team a name. The task for the team leader is to kickstart the Global Torch Race. Hence, it will be the task of the team leader to be the first person in the team to invite and recruit other Scouts to join this team.

If you have not joined a team yet, you can do this here by picking one from the list. You can only become a member of one team. Every team has its own team page, where you can see and connect with your team members.

Once you have joined a team, you cannot unjoin it

The task of the team

Each Global Torch Race team needs to recruit Scouts from as many countries as possible during the 48 hours of JOTA-JOTI. Everyone in a team can invite other Scouts to join. So call your Scout friends, find them on your social media networks and invite them to join your team.

The winning team is the one who spreads their Torch to most countries.

The winners will be announced after the JOTA-JOTI event and will receive a special prize for their global effort.

Join a team now and help us make history.

Our team team has reached 100 countries, 161 members "Scouts & Guides JOTA-JOTI" you for being with us...!!

The results from the Global Torch Race are here. And the winner is.....Scouts & Guides JOTA-JOTI!!! A huge congratulations. You guys have reached 100 countries....

Thank you Global Torch Race, for giving us a chance to spread to the world scouts. "Scouts & Guides JOTA JOTI" team Members..

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