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Sigithi Scouting

Sigithi Scouts

Sigithi Scout Section can be started in 5 – 7 years.

Colour : Blue

Unit : Gomuwa – Each Gomuwa consists of 40 Sigithi Scouts.

Bunches : Each flower bunch consists of 8-10 Sigithi Scouts.

Objectives of Sigithi Scout Section

1. To create an interest in Scouting among the youngest children in Sri Lankan Schools.
2. To introduce and enroll members to the Scout Movement from the beginning of School Educational System in Sri Lanka.
3. To assist in building competencies of children from the first stage of their development
4. To encourage students to love and admire nature
5. To help others and be satisfied and happy by engaging in different simple activities

Sigithi Scout Promise

“I love my Religion and Country”

Sigithi Scout Law

1. Sigithi Scout obeys elders.
2. Sigithi Scout is always happy.

Sigithi Scout Motto

“Friendship and Happiness”

How to start a Sigithi Gomuwa (Unit)

A Scout Master or Mistress who has followed Phase I Introductory Course can start a Sigithi Gomuwa.There should be a minimum of 12 or maximum of 40 children. In a Gomuwa (Unit) there can be several bunches. In each bunch there can be 8 – 10 Sigithi scouts.Each bunch can have names of beautiful flowers. (e.g. Anthurium, Lotus, Sun Flower, Ehala, Ruk Aththana.)

Methods of Training

Conducting an outdoor meeting after school hours for half an hour by a Phase I trained Sigithi Scout Master or Mistress. The meeting should be according to the Sigithi Scout Programme.


Membership Badge
Sathuta Badge
Dinuma Badge


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