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22nd World Scout Jamboree

Sri Lankan Scouts attending 22nd WSJ at Sweden

The Scout movement started with 24 young people 104 years ago by now grown as a world body with over 29 million members all over the world.  22nd world scout Jamboree was held in Kristianstad, Sweden from 27 July to 7 August 2011. 38,000 scouts from 150 countries participated the Jamboree. Sri Lanka contingent consisted 120 scouts and leaders. The Sri Lankan Contingent leader Attorney at Law Mr. Janaprith Fernando said that king gave patient hearings when they pointed out the relevancy of his present to the Asia Pacific Jamboree in Sri Lanka. He also said that the official invitation through diplomatic channel will be extended in due course.

The Leaders of Sri Lanka Scout contingent who attends the 22nd World Scout Jamboree currently in progress in Sweden presented the letter of Invitation by the Sri Lanka Scouts movement to His Majesty the King when he visited the Jamboree. 

The King of Sweden His Majesty Carl XVI Gustavwho is also a scout and the President of the World Scout Foundation drew himself in his car to the Jamboree and met the leaders of World Scout contingents at the make shift reception centre at the Jamboree site.

The King of Sweden gives a patient hearings to Sri Lanka
The King of Sweden is playing a leading role to educate the younger generation of their rights and obligations in the society through scout movements. The Royal family the King and Queen SIlvia spent the whole day meeting Scout leaders of various countries and stressed the importance of promoting more inputs to develop the scout movement to promote people to people contact.

Prabath Kularathna presented theletter of invitation to King of Sweden to visitSri Lanka for the centenary celebration in April 2012 in Dambulla.
Sri Lanka is to celebrate the centenary celebration of the Sri Lannka Scout movement in Dambula from 1-6 April 2012 where the Asia- Pacifi Region Jamboree will also be held. Around 7000 scouts are expected to take part from the regional countries this jamboree. The Sri Lankan Contingent leader Attorney at Law Mr. Janaprith Fernando said that king gave patient hearings when they pointed out the relevancy of his present to the Asia Pacific Jamboree in Sri Lanka. He also said that the official invitation through diplomatic channel will be extended in due course.

The 122 Scouts from Sri Lanka clad in gray uniform with national flag have been praised and revered by all the scouts at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden.

Scouts from various countries gathered to taste the food and culture of this island of paradise at this Jamboree, where 39000 scouts from 160 countries are camping in Rinkaby, Southern Sweden, 800 km away from Stockholm.

Lions of Sri Lanka making friends
Though numerous activities and events going on are making it nearly impossible to experience all the camp has to offer in 10 short days, a sizeable number of scouts from many countries had shown interest in tasting the Sri Lankan food. 

Traditional Perahara

scout contingent from Italy and Germany enjoy the SL foods
Various nationals who visited the camp site daily

'' Camping in Camp is  one of the important activity of the Jamboree. Here the Lankan contingent gets briefed from the Contingent leader Attorney at Law Janaprith Fernando before they leave for camp in Norway.''


Jamboree Mondial

The World Scout Jamboree will be a gathering of Scouts from around the world for 12 days from 27 July to 7 August 2011.
The theme of the 22st World Scout Jamboree in 2011 is “Simply Scouting” – which will capture the traditions of Scouting: Meetings, Nature, Solidarity.
40,000 young people will camp, live and work alongside each other.  They will come from a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions.  Together they will celebrate what unites them, and learn what they can do together to help build a better world.
Where there are travelers, there is bound to be lots of mail!  Our Salute shows some philatelic examples from WJ of the past as our contribution to Join-in-the-Jamboree.  Enjoy the show!
Other Online Resources

22nd WSJ Event Card from - Asian Tribun

The World Scout Jamboree in Sweden with 39,000 participants runs a cash free Jamboree. throughout its ten day programme. Everyone in the Contingents and the Planning Team are issued an ID-card when they check-in on the campsite. The same card has a cash function which is called the Event Card.

Sri Lankan contingent being instructed about their camp out activities by Swedish instructor at the 22nd Jamboree site in Sweden
Participants can load their card with money before coming to the Jamboree and use this card to pay with during the Jamboree. Card is the life line within the Jamboree, whether you want an ice cream or buy a postcard to send to your family, you can pay for it with your Event Card.

One of the goals of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree is to minimize the usage of cash. The announcement of the Event Card is part of the plan, but what is it and how does it work?
Every shop and cafe will accept the Jamboree Event Card in addition to Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express. This is the part of multitudes of prohramme introduced to the scouts.

Sri lankan scouts introducing a traditional game 'kottapora' for 22nd WSJ
This is also a new experience to many of our young scouts. As they are students and even some of them are from villages in Sri Lanka they are yet to be exposed to handling credit cards with banks.
An organizer when asked said that there are several ways of loading your card with money. The easiest way is to do it before you arrive to the Jamboree by using a credit or debit card. During the Jamboree the parents can check the balance and reload the card over the Internet, or you can do it yourself at one of the Internet cafes on the Jamboree. You can also go to the bank and use cash to load the card.

The Event Card is personal and enables all participants to enjoy the Jamboree in a safer way. If someone loses his or her Event Card they can block it and get a new card and the remaining balance will be transferred to the new card. This Card and normal electronic cards are accepted everywhere on the campsite.

"The Jamboree will show the world that cash is a thing of the past. Tomorrow will be cash free" an administrator of the Jamboree said.

If you want to load your card with money, or just curious about the details, you can find more information here:

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